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[ "The real story can never be told; It is untellable" ]

stumble ramble

Posted by luckychinna in Poetry | 10 Aug 2017, 11:11am

flunking at relationships. tests.
forgetting friendships. family ties.
losing hobbies. working no more.   
none motivation whatsoever 
the will to exist or survive.
failing to stay afloat. fly.
falling into a slumber. surrender.
hitting rock bottom. floundering.
lost in unfeelingness
the numbing sense of quiet.

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house of silk

Posted by luckychinna in Poetry | 15 Feb 2017, 10:40am

all we wanted was to build a nest,
wove fine silken cobweb instead;
didn't take the rain or mighty hail,
only gentle a dewdrop to rip it away!


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roots and roses

Posted by luckychinna in Poetry | 9 Nov 2016, 8:19am

ripped in bunches of roses deep red,
ashamed, pained and bare-naked
left bleeding i am, my Gardener Dear,
green as envy, as he, the cruel reaper
harvests vengefully my blooded glory,
o, save my soul, covered in thorns gory;
crude they sting when you tend my root,
but, please forgive, their's is no fault,
for, they only drape, clothe, or protect, 
i try to survive, as you warmly nurture,
hold me up with tender warming care,
vitalized by your miracles, am hopeful
of blooming again in your Love eternal...

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the weaverbird song

Posted by luckychinna in Poetry | 9 Jul 2016, 2:41am

what's left to say to you, o weaverbird!
my dear wordsmith, modern wordsworth;
left in silence, numb thoughts of mine  
render blank this heart that's yours,
in vain are muted echoes of a dumb voice
as words refuse to fly through my fingers; 
enveloped with words of guilty pleasures,
engulfed in your everloving passion;
much ecstasy bring your secret whispers,
yet, reality checks me into penitance...

Current Mood: sigh

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Posted by luckychinna in Poetry | 6 Jul 2016, 8:01pm


in penance lost
am deep in thought
prayers faithful
seeking inner peace;

hard and fast running 
am on my chosen path
prickly rough  
finding life purpose;

hey loving poet
don't beckon me,
nor come so near,
tempting love solace!



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the fall of the soul

Posted by luckychinna in Poetry | 1 Jul 2016, 10:52pm

pretty pretty delightful sky,
with purple clouds lit afire
by a benign golden orb,
gleefully lining them
in brick orange seam!

Oh what beauty do i see,
soaking me in memories real
nice pleasant breeze sprightly
laden with a calming mist,
bringing balming peace in it!

senses drunk on gorgeous scenes,
as divine art on unending canvas
kindles a fire within my mind;
restless this heart yearns to fall,
n fall again in love, head over heels!

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continue unbeing

Posted by luckychinna in Day2Day | 7 May 2016, 7:40pm




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Letter to 'self

Posted by luckychinna in Day2Day | 5 May 2016, 6:07pm

Hanging by a thread...



Recent Movies: little manhattan (2005)

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tale of the thorn

Posted by luckychinna in Poetry | 23 Apr 2016, 9:48pm

callous, cruel, unmoved a rock,
u must think of me, so frigid;
stoic insensitive, stony the silence,
u must feel, chilling maiden iced;
even when there's one, two, a word,
harsh a tone, sharp as a sword;
'o, bitter thorn, devoid of emotions,'
u sigh, as rosy your heart bleeds...




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Posted by luckychinna in Poetry | 13 Apr 2016, 3:19am


dark, the dead of the night
eerie, a strand of thought
in solitude, none a sound
shrill, a throat gripped
by fear, left unknown alone
in mortal silence, a stillness
deafening, not a leaf rustles;
this damned midnight hour,
unlucky the 13th, cruel april,
four years ago snatched you
left us mute, dumb & dead,
insane mind, seeks answers
to a loss incomprehensible,
heart restless awaits wise,
loving words of affection,
weary eyes witness to ash
now seek a caring glimpse,
yearn these ears wise words,
your voice bold and grand,
when the doorbell rings,
in madness still we rush  
eagerly hoping your return,
but in comes just a lively breeze,
yet assuring your presence
forever with us, soulful...
It's still not okay, daddy! Miss u loads!



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